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Storing Cigars with Style: A Guide to Cigar Preservation

August 29, 2023 3 min read


For cigar enthusiasts, proper cigar storage is a topic of paramount importance. After all, the last thing you want is to invest in premium cigars only to see them lose their rich flavors and exquisite aromas due to improper storage. Just as fine wines demand the right conditions for aging, cigars require a specific environment to maintain their freshness and quality. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of cigar storage, ensuring that your cherished stogies remain a source of pleasure and relaxation.

The Science Behind Ideal Cigar Storage:

Cigar Humidifier, store your cigar

Cigars are more than just tobacco; they're a fusion of art and craftsmanship. Much like a fine orchestra, every component plays a crucial role in delivering a symphony of flavors. However, humidity and temperature imbalances can turn this harmonious experience into a cacophony of disappointment. Cigars, being hygroscopic, react to their surroundings, absorbing moisture when it's humid and releasing it when it's dry. Finding the right equilibrium is key to preserving their integrity.

Balancing Act: Avoiding Dampness and Dryness:

Smoking a damp cigar is akin to a culinary mishap - it's like overcooking a gourmet dish. Difficult to light, hard to draw, and producing dense smoke that leaves a sour taste, the experience can be far from enjoyable. On the flip side, excessively dry cigars result in the evaporation of essential oils, leading to a lackluster flavor profile. Ideally, a cigar should hold around 12-14% of its total weight in moisture, equivalent to a relative humidity of 60-70%.

Maintaining Optimal Conditions:

  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring: It's not enough to simply tuck your cigars away in a humidor and forget about them. To ensure cigars remain fresh and flavorful, vigilance over temperature and humidity is vital. The sweet spot is around 70% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21°C). This ideal condition prevents the wrapper from becoming moldy or cracked, preserving the integrity of the cigar.
  • Quality Matters: Starting with high-quality cigars is essential for an enjoyable experience. Select reputable sources that offer top-of-the-line cigars. Remember, even the best storage won't redeem inferior cigars. It's a harmonious partnership between quality and storage that yields the finest results.
  •  Humidors and Humidification: A humidor, essentially a cigar's haven, comes in various shapes and sizes, accommodating anything from a handful to hundreds of cigars. It's equipped with a hygrometer to measure humidity and a humidifier to maintain it. Passive humidifiers rely on vapor conduction, while active ones use electricity to manage humidity levels. These specialized boxes keep your cigars in an environment designed to maintain their freshness. 

Preserving Your Precious Cigars:

  • Cigars, like cherished memories, deserve preservation. To ensure your cigars age gracefully, keep these key tips in mind:
  • Steady Humidity and Temperature: Aim for a humidity level of 68-72% and a temperature of 70-74°F (21-23°C) to strike the perfect balance.
  • Hygrometer and Humidistat: Equip your storage space with a hygrometer to measure humidity and a humidistat to control it.
  • Humidification Devices: Use humidification devices, whether it's a humidor or a humidification system, to maintain consistent humidity levels.
  • Air Circulation: Allow for gentle air circulation to prevent moisture from accumulating in one spot.
  • Proper Sealing: Ensure the seal on your storage unit is tight to prevent humidity fluctuations.
  • Cigars Without a Humidor: The Last Resort:
  • While a humidor is optimal, sometimes life calls for creative solutions. Here's how to store cigars without one:
  • Ideal Conditions: Find a cool, stable temperature space with minimal humidity fluctuations.
  • Container: Use a sealed container, like a Tupperware or ziplock bag, along with a humidity control pack.
  • Temporary Storage: This method is for short-term storage, as cigars without a humidor won't age as gracefully.
  • Reviving Dried-Out Cigars: A Second Chance:

If you find a cigar has dried out, all is not lost. Follow these steps to revive it:

  •  Trim Damaged Parts: Cut off the dry portions of the cigar.
  • Gentle Revival: Roll the cigar between your palms to redistribute moisture.
  • Humidify Gradually: Place the cigar in a humidor with a humidity level of around 70% for a few days before lighting.


Proper cigar storage is an art that pays rich dividends in the form of an exceptional smoking experience. By maintaining the right humidity and temperature, utilizing quality humidors, and choosing the right cigars to begin with,

 Have fun