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Honoring Love and Resilience: The Unbreakable Legacy of "Pepe and Babi

August 18, 2023 2 min read

Always a Piece of Them Here, El Mago Cigars

In the wake of the tragic Surfside condo collapse on June 24, 2021, the world mourned the loss of 98 precious lives, including Gonzalo and Maria Torre. However, for their grandson, Nicholas Fusco, this heart-wrenching event marked the beginning of a mission to keep their memory alive and honor the profound impact they had on their family's life.

Gonzalo and Maria's life story has been a beacon of inspiration for Nicholas. Their courageous escape from communism in Cuba during the early '60s, fueled by hope for a better future, set the stage for an incredible journey of love and perseverance.

In 1989, they realized their dreams by purchasing the James Hotel on South Beach. For Nicholas, memories of his grandfather, sitting in his favorite chair, enjoying a cigar, and brightening the day of every visitor, brought a sense of warmth and nostalgia.

To immortalize their legacy, Nicholas crafted a special "El Mago" cigar in honor of both grandparents. A symbol of love, resilience, and survival, the cigar pays tribute to the unbreakable bond shared with "Pepe and Babi."

Gonzalo's passion for cigars was a source of inspiration for Nicholas. The El Mago cigar bears Gonzalo's name, a fitting tribute to the man who introduced Nicholas to the world of cigars and shared countless cherished moments with him.

The creation of El Mago cigars was carefully curated to embody Gonzalo and Maria's unwavering ability to conquer challenges, trusting their instincts, and persevering through all odds. These cigars serve as a reminder of the magic that love and determination can achieve.

Nicholas treasures a cigar that his grandfather was smoking just before the tragedy. Placed beside an El Mago cigar, it symbolizes the continuity of their journey, from Earth to beyond, where their legacy lives on.

Their story of love and resilience will forever resonate with Nicholas and his family. Despite their physical absence, Gonzalo and Maria's impact on their lives is eternal. The foundation they laid, both physically and in their hearts, will continue to inspire and guide them through life's challenges.

As Nicholas lights up an El Mago cigar, he is reminded of the love that transcends boundaries, the strength that overcomes adversity, and the magic that lives on in cherished memories. "Pepe and Babi" may no longer be physically present, but their legacy and the profound love they shared will forever remain in the hearts of those they left behind.