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A Heartfelt Journey: El Mago Cigars - A Tribute to Love, Legacy, and Resilience

August 18, 2023 2 min read

El mago Cigars , Miami

Step into the iconic James Hotel on Miami Beach, and you'll find yourself transported back in time. The lobby is adorned with sculptures, unique tiles, and pictures, each telling a story of its own. For Nick Fusco, a young accounting graduate, this hotel holds a special place in his heart, as it was owned by his grandparents, Maria and Gonzalo Torre, who embarked on a challenging journey to America, escaping communism across four countries.

Fusco's earliest memories are intertwined with the hotel and the cherished moments spent with his grandparents, enjoying family vacations and weekend barbecues. His grandfather was a passionate and sociable man, always seeking to make people happy. But life took an unexpected turn when tragedy struck - the collapse of their Surfside home, Champlain Towers South, claimed the lives of Maria and Gonzalo, along with 98 others.

In the face of loss, Fusco found solace in honoring his grandparents' memory. Last Christmas, he crafted a uniquely designed box of cigars, a tribute to his grandfather's love for the tobacco tradition. To his surprise, the gift moved his mother to tears, inspiring him to share his family's remarkable story.

Thus began Fusco's dedicated journey into producing El Mago cigars, crafted from Cuban seeds and produced in Nicaragua. The name "Mago" reflects the magic his grandparents brought into the world. Each box showcases a picture of Maria and Gonzalo from their early days in Cuba and the James Hotel's historic charm. But these cigars hold more than just tobacco; they carry the legacy and resilience of two extraordinary individuals.

A code on each box allows buyers to delve deeper into the Torre family's history, a journey filled with love, determination, and triumph over adversity. For Fusco, El Mago cigars have become more than a business venture; they embody the strength he draws from his grandparents' life story.

Through these cigars, he hopes to share the enchanting tale of Maria and Gonzalo, inspiring others to find strength in love, cherish family bonds, and remember that even in the darkest times, magic can be found. The legacy of El Mago cigars goes beyond a simple smoke; it's a reminder that the power of love can endure, transcending time and space.